The WHY of Digital Declutter CEO

My desk is spotless, like a dreamy Instagram photo, but inside my laptop, my phone, my cloud space, it’s a huge mess!

I’ve slowly gleaned the best info to help me organize home life. I clean like a boss with tips I learned from FlyLady and other simple living sites.

My home is organized methodically, in small bites, through Taylor Flanery’s @HomeStorage101 on Twitter and her great #declutter365 calendar!

Between my international life of 30 moves and a bit of Mari Kondo’s Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, I have a reasonably minimum amount of stuff.

Yet, I have yet to find anything to truly help me organize my digital life. So I’m building one from scratch for me, for my family, and for all the others I know who could really use it.

I’m very much a Keep-it-Simple kind of person. I like my lists, Evernote has been a great help. It shouldn’t be this complicated to organize a few files, a bunch of emails, and some photos.

Some photos really means 4,521 and 136 videos. And I know many of you have much, much larger libraries on their hands.

Yet, when I start to declutter my digital life, I find it a mind-numbing exercise and want to quit after 10 minutes of deleting or moving or editing.

I have to remember, that it is in those 10 minutes where I am making the greatest progress. Just a bit each day in an ordered fashion and my digital life will be a decluttered as my real life.

The bottom line: I’m Konmari-ing my Digital Life!

Wish me luck as I work to complete my Digital Declutter CEO checklist!