The Starting Line Stats

Photos – 4,390, plus an unknown backlog from old smartphone and from an older laptop.
Running the numbers at deleting 100 photos/day = 36,500 photos/year so don’t get discouraged! I know I can delete and properly file my photos at a pace greater than I accumulate with numbers like that.
Videos – 131
E-mail #1 – 503
E-mail A – 802
E-mail #2 – 317
E-mail #3 – 14
E-mail #4 – 5 (My brand new digitaldeclutterceo email account, mostly “Welcome to Twitter,” etc (Psst…go follow me @ceodeclutter for a daily 10-minute declutter task)
E-mail #5 – 0 (may delete this email, may keep it as a cloud space option. In the meantime, it’s just an empty parking space)
Discovered in my e-mails that at one point I had a Blogspot Page. No recollection of setting that up, never populated it with any content, and it no longer exists. Phew!
Do I really need this many emails? They each serve a purpose, yet, is that purpose enough to keep them going? My life has changed since opening a couple of these accounts and it may be best to either cancel or utilize their forwarding features.
I have 2 LINE Accounts – Couldn’t access my original account when I returned to the states, so I opened a 2nd account, thinking all was lost. Upon my return to Japan I reactivated my old smartphone and found all was well with the first account. Now how to consolidate them??
And there are more little inconveniences…
Why doesn’t the Apple TV remote app on my phone work anymore? It worked great at our last home! The only resolution it provides is asking if the iPhone and the AppleTV are on the same network, yet doesn’t offer any way to answer, “Yes, now what?”
So do I try to fix this Remote App issue or just delete it?
And how do I want to move forward with my various Social Media accounts? Delete? Edit? Be a more active user?
I will be collecting information on file naming and file management, and delving into what professional photographers probably already know regarding organizing their photographs.
As I take control of my digital life, there will be other piles of clutter I’ll stumble across and need to deal with. This is going to be a journey, one with progress and missteps, lessons learned the hard way and new options to make things easier.
Wish me luck and join in via twitter @ceodeclutter
Check out my progress via Instagram: digitaldeclutterceo