Last Item on the Project Punch List

After all the work is done and there are only a few items left on the punch list, there is always one last item to do before the project is considered complete; the decluttering and consolidating of files.

It doesn’t matter how organized you and your team have been throughout the process you will always find at least a couple of stray notes and images that need to be properly deleted or filed.

☑️ Schedule the time to complete the final organizing and decluttering.

A big proposal with a deadline of 5PM on a Tuesday means I am done with my day. Time to relax. Tackling the final decluttering when I’m already tired never goes well. Put it in your schedule for the next day or in your weekly decluttering session to ensure it is completed.

It’s also a good time to ensure you are set up for the next projects coming your way. Create the files you need now so you immediately have a proper place for the influx of emails, photos, links, etc expected with the next project.

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