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Get Fresh Spring Air into Your Finances –
April 2020 Newsletter

April has been a juxtaposition of joy at seeing the masses of sakura petals falling like snow and that UGH feeling of dealing with finances. April’s digital decluttering of finances shouldn’t be any more difficult than any other month. My finances technically are doing ok. Knock wood.

Week 1: Checking & Savings Accounts

Starting with Week 1: Checking & Savings Accounts – I have a small savings account that earns a bit of interest. Not much, but definitely needs to be accounted for when filing income taxes. I can’t access the account. This account I have had for years and have never had trouble accessing is now a big problem. The phone call I’m supposed to receive for two-factor authorization never arrives.

So now I’m looking at a mountain of time on hold with excruciating hold music interrupted with irritating messages of caring about my phone call in an attempt to get this figured out. In the meantime, the clock is ticking on getting our taxes done. I loathe making phone calls. Absolutely loathe the time wasted.

This is when I need to repeatedly remind myself to not be the bottleneck to building and maintaining solid finances. This newsletter is the accountability to myself to get this task done. I will be listening to my own advice and using the On-Hold time for Captive Decluttering!

This airing out of all digital finances is necessary. Making sure all of my digital accounts and connections work as they should is vital to keeping the money flowing in the right directions. 

Week 2: PayPal/Venmo/Stripe…

Thankfully my process to digital declutter Week 2: Paypal/Venmo/Stripe et al went much better. Modern times has found many of us with a plethora of accounts to send and receive funds. Whichever companies and banks you are using, check that they are all still properly connected. I did double check all of my other banking accounts and cleared up a glitch I found in one of them.

Week 3: Tax Info

Week 3: Tax Info – While the IRS Tax deadline is coming soon in the US, this is still a good time to ensure you are on the right track to properly file your taxes in your own country.  Organize your previous year’s files and scan all the paperwork you need to keep.

Week 4: Retirement Accounts/Loans

Week 4: Retirement Accounts/Loans – Ensure all of your automatic accounts are still working automatically as they should. Things can get ugly really quickly when the automatic deposit and withdrawal train goes off the tracks!

Amongst the April showers and beautiful spring days be sure to look at your digital financial accounts, get in there and shake out the digital dust bunnies. 
Check that you are earning the best interest rates possible. 
Check that your loan payments are processing properly.

Every penny counts!

Thank you ever so much to all of my new subscribers!

I do hope you are inspired to complete your own deep digital declutter.