Digital Back to School Tip

Back to School Tip to be proactive with homework folders

Time to be proactive with your computer organization this semester. You’ll soon receive your class syllabus from the instructor if you haven’t already. This will give you an idea about homework requirements and how much computer work will be required.

Here’s a good digital back to school tip to get on top of your homework requirements:

☑️ Create a digital folder for each class. Doing this ahead of time will ensure it is in a reasonable place instead of rushing right before the homework is due and adding to the clutter on your desktop.

☑️ Decide where you will save the the class folders; in the cloud, on your devices, or and external drive.

☑️ Set a tag or two ahead of time to help find the files easier later. Specifying at least one or two tags ahead of time will also make it easier for you to find your homework if you can’t remember where you placed the folder.

Back to School Tip to be proactive with homework folders

It is much easier to be proactive once everything is already decluttered. If you aren’t there yet, take a look at the The BIG Checklist I created for myself and have expanded it into a complete book Digital Declutter: The BIG Checklist.