It’s OK to declare Email Bankruptcy

AND 3 BIG Steps to Declutter Your Emails This Month Really. With 10s of thousands of emails piling up, it really is OK to declare email bankruptcy. This may be your best option to archive them all and start over at zero today.

February Photo Decluttering Week 3 Professional Digital Images

Photos and images for your business are your digital assets. A single image is often edited multiple times for sharing on social media sites, your website, your newsletter, printing brochures or even billboards! Each of these outlets requires different editing parameters so you find yourself with not just one great final image but 5, 10,Continue reading “February Photo Decluttering Week 3 Professional Digital Images”

Digital Back to School Tip

Time to be proactive with your computer organization this semester. You’ll soon receive your class syllabus from the instructor if you haven’t already. This will give you an idea about homework requirements and how much computer work will be required. Here’s a good digital back to school tip to get on top of your homeworkContinue reading “Digital Back to School Tip”

3 Quick Steps to start decluttering photos

As the title mentions 3 quick steps to start decluttering your photographs, here you go: [ ] Start with your oldest photos first. [ ] Break them down into smaller folders such as by event or date. [ ] Schedule regular timed sessions to tackle them bit by bit. Decluttering starts with easy steps, greatContinue reading “3 Quick Steps to start decluttering photos”