Because Ch 3 was inadequate for my pile of digital clutter…

Notepad next to laptop and smartphone.

In other words; I Need a Bigger Checklist!

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The start of an idea born from a need to organize my computer.
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In my search for the best way to give my computer a good decluttering I read Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism. The insights and tips he provides were enlightening, but I found Chapter 3 Digital Declutter to be wholly inadequate to wrangle my thundering herds of digital dust bunnies.

A deeper search for digital decluttering checklists and books found that they weren’t up to the task either. There is focus on three of the biggest problem areas of emails, phone apps, and the data hogging visual media of video and photographs.

This leaves huge swaths of other files, note-taking apps, music apps, financial websites, educational websites, password management, and more to arrange into some sense of order.

It did take me a while to get it all organized through the creation of my own checklist and good digital habits moving forward. I do still recommend reading Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport in combination with my Digital Declutter: The BIG Checklist to Obtain Digital Minimalism.

I’m providing Digital Declutter: The BIG Checklist to others and it is currently available on Kobo and Apple Books.

Digital Declutter: The BIG Checklist to Obtain Digital Minimalism is available for pre-order on Kindle with its launch day this Tuesday, Oct 6!

Read the book’s Introduction, included in a previous blog post, if you would like more information about Digital Declutter: The BIG Checklist.