Thank You for the Book Launch Party

It was my first book launch party and I was nervous for sure but everyone made it such a fun experience! I’m so happy with how it went. I received great questions regarding organizing photographs, emails, and stray documents from almost a decade ago.

Photo February Decluttering – Monthly Maintenance

PRO-Tip: Schedule Your Monthly Maintenance Habit! Near the end of each month have a set day & time to declutter that month’s photographs and images. Such as the last Tuesday of each month and WRITE it into your schedule. Even if you are too busy or too overwhelmed to tackle the massive pile of digitalContinue reading “Photo February Decluttering – Monthly Maintenance”

Photo February Decluttering Week 2

Energy and persistence conquer all things – Ben Franklin After going through the 8 Steps to Digitally Declutter in Week 1 you now have an idea of how to conquer your massive clutter of photographs and other image assets. This week you will be breaking them down more and more.

Photo February Decluttering in 8 Steps

In the dark of February, deep inside the doldrums of Seasonal Affective Disorder, Photo February is here to remind you of brighter days to cheer you up! Through your 1000s of digital photographs from wonderful vacations and parties with family and friends, here is the checklist you need to help you organize them. Smile andContinue reading “Photo February Decluttering in 8 Steps”

Because Ch 3 was inadequate for my pile of digital clutter…

In other words; I Need a Bigger Checklist! In my search for the best way to give my computer a good decluttering I read Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism. The insights and tips he provides were enlightening, but I found Chapter 3 Digital Declutter to be wholly inadequate to wrangle my thundering herds of digital dustContinue reading “Because Ch 3 was inadequate for my pile of digital clutter…”

3 Quick Steps to start decluttering photos

As the title mentions 3 quick steps to start decluttering your photographs, here you go: [ ] Start with your oldest photos first. [ ] Break them down into smaller folders such as by event or date. [ ] Schedule regular timed sessions to tackle them bit by bit. Decluttering starts with easy steps, greatContinue reading “3 Quick Steps to start decluttering photos”

The BIG Checklist to obtain digital minimalism

Our increased work from home activities and classes at home show we need to be ever more organized to keep up with the new lifestyle changes and device dynamics. Digital Declutter: The BIG Checklist is different because it is literally a checklist. Do the work and tick the boxes. Sometimes we just need a nudgeContinue reading “The BIG Checklist to obtain digital minimalism”