January 2021 Jumpstart to your Digital Decluttering

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2021 from Digital Declutter CEO.

Get a jumpstart to your 2021 decluttering goals with a free, downloadable January 2021 calendar checklist!

Specific, actionable checklist items to make a dent in your digital clutter throughout the month of January. In 2020 I have added numerous digital accounts and accumulated the multitude of passwords that go with this collection. Zoom, Google Meet, and other new work activities have made it an exceptional year for many of us. Time to clean up your files, emails, and be more judicious regarding your smartphone notifications.

I created the January Jumpstart schedule to be at a reasonable pace to address the most common, pressing concerns in an orderly fashion. From the repeated notifications that your email box is full to updating your sleep settings, the January Jumpstart decluttering calendar will help you get on top of your digital clutter so you can systematically tackle the remainder of your clutter in a scheduled, organized manner until you have completed it.

I provide, in both a JPG and a checklist format for each day with some additional tips along with a second visual, Monday through Sunday calendar with the checklist items in each of the days.

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Time to get this digital decluttering started!

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