Book Launch Party for Digital Declutter: The BIG Checklist!

Digital Declutter Book Covers and Banner announcing the Spring Cleaning Book Launch Party, Sat, Mar 13th @6PM, 2021

Mark your calendar for Sat, March 13 @6PM Japan Time to ZOOM with author D.M. Elliot at the Book Launch Party for Digital Declutter: The BIG Checklist to help YOU spring clean your digital devices.

Digital Declutter Book Cover decorated with sakura cherry blossoms for spring cleaning themed book launch

Join the March 13th book launch party to hear Elliot read short excerpts from her book, answer your questions, and provide pro-tips to help you begin your digital decluttering journey. Purchase the book through her website and receive a signed copy. Or, show your receipt and receive a signed bookplate in the post.

From photo and music storage to password management, from organizing online banking to maintaining a clean desktop, Elliot’s checklist helps you clean the electronic cobwebs and digital dust bunnies that slow down your computer and make your digital life so frustrating. Most importantly, Digital Declutter guides you in establishing habits to help you maintain digital minimalism.

For this event only, get The Digital Declutter Big Checklist at a special price starting Friday, Mar 12 through Sat, Mar 13 at all ebook and paperback locations.

For a signed paperback edition, visit my shop and I will ship it to you, worldwide. Note: Due to the pandemic there may be a longer shipping time than usual depending upon your country.

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