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As I’m going through emails and photographs, I continue finding information referencing additional accounts and activities showing how large my digital footprint really has become.

I’m not an early adopter, so it’s a rare occasion to impulsively jump on the loud bandwagons that roll by. I’ve had the illusion my digital footprint is quite small. But I have had well over a decade of actively running around on the internet; reading, playing, and taking care of business.

So it isn’t a total surprise to see more and more of this life is popping up. Each one I find, I add it to my list to declutter.

I can’t get discouraged! This is the detritus of a life built over many years, it won’t be organized in a single day.

Newly Found:

(17) Misc Notes in an abandoned note app

(26) random downloaded PDFs in a sporadically used ebook app

(1300+) eBooks! Yes, I’m a voracious reader w/over 95% of those books having been fully read, often multiple times, but there are some I’d like to cull from the shelves if possible.

This is all getting done in bite-sized pieces within manageable minutes!

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