Captive Decluttering – Make Wait Times, Your Time!

Waiting at the DMV, waiting at the Dr’s Office, waiting for a friend at the coffee shop. Waiting, waiting, waiting…how much time each week do we wait?

[ ] Make Wait Times, Your Time! – How much of that time could be utilized to digitally declutter? After checking for messages that need our immediate attention, open your photo app and start tackling them.

[ ] Break the Task into Smaller Bites – It helps to go through everything in smaller batches. Selecting groups of photos and creating smaller albums will allow one more easily achieve smaller goals.

[ ] Start with Older Photos – The newer the photographs are, the more attached I feel to every detail of the experience I was capturing. So the further back in time I go to make my deletions the better, the stronger my edits will be.

Organizing, editing, and deleting the album from that camping trip you took last summer during your Captive Decluttering time at the DMV will be worthwhile. You’ll walk out knowing you’ve at least accomplished something!

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Published by Studio Deanna Welcome! I’m Deanna, a metals & fiber artist creating beautiful artwork for unusual spaces. My sculptures and wall art installations are very tactile, textiles often taking on organic forms inspired by our natural planet. Utilizing my custom-made steel tools, my favorite pieces to create are large-gauge wire crochet sculptures. The meticulously handcrafted designs will enrich your office, home, and outdoor living spaces. Inspired by my international experiences have provided the opportunity to swim in the gorgeous tropical waters around Hawai’i, hiking the rainforests in Far North Queensland, and witness breathtaking beauty in Africa. Currently I am dividing my time between Tokyo Bay Area and Hawai’i and am open for commission art works.

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