Thank You for the Book Launch Party

It was my first book launch party and I was nervous for sure but everyone made it such a fun experience! I’m so happy with how it went. I received great questions regarding organizing photographs, emails, and stray documents from almost a decade ago.

More Digital Declutter Found

As I’m going through emails and photographs, I continue finding information referencing additional accounts and activities showing how large my digital footprint really has become. I’m not an early adopter, so it’s a rare occasion to impulsively jump on the loud bandwagons that roll by. I’ve had the illusion my digital footprint is quite small.Continue reading “More Digital Declutter Found”

The Starting Line Stats

Photos – 4,390, plus an unknown backlog from old smartphone and from an older laptop. Running the numbers at deleting 100 photos/day = 36,500 photos/year so don’t get discouraged! I know I can delete and properly file my photos at a pace greater than I accumulate with numbers like that. Videos – 131 E-mail #1Continue reading “The Starting Line Stats”

The WHY of Digital Declutter CEO

My desk is spotless, like a dreamy Instagram photo, but inside my laptop, my phone, my cloud space, it’s a huge mess! I’ve slowly gleaned the best info to help me organize home life. I clean like a boss with tips I learned from FlyLady and other simple living sites. My home is organized methodically,Continue reading “The WHY of Digital Declutter CEO”