Digital Declutter Challenge – Day 5

Digital Declutter Challenge – Day 5: What will you do with your decluttered photographs?

When it comes to my artwork, I never feel as though a work is totally complete until the painting is framed or the sculpture has all it’s hardware for proper hanging.

I feel the same way about my personal photographs. I like to have a finished ‘product’ after I declutter, edit, and curate them. There are several options available now beyond the traditional printed photograph in a frame on the wall.

1. My favorite is to create a ‘movie’ as I can combine them with video, add location names and other graphics that help bring back our memories of who some of the guests were, or the species name of a flower or name of a river traversed. There are several free apps available for this, or paying a reasonable price for a specified time period until you are caught up with your photo decluttering can be worth it.

2. Apple TV has the photo app that allows you to display your photographs and videos on your home television. Such as a slide show for the family to watch later, or to remember that hike you enjoyed last fall.

3. Digital photo frames allow you to load up a photo frame with multiple photographs and it slowly goes through them one after another in a loop. A nice modern touch that reminds me of the paintings in the Harry Potter movies.

4. Traditionally Printing is still done and properly editing a photograph for printing should really make it pop. Be sure to save the file as a CMYK to obtain the best possible coloring per your request.

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