Digital Declutter Challenge – Day 6

I have one favorite eReader app for just my fun reads. But the other eReader app…wow…needed some serious rescuing!

Digital Declutter Challenge – Day 6: Organize the hodgepodge of PDFs in your eReader app.

Every random PDF I needed to read at any point was in there. Sheet Music, Applications, Blackwork Patterns, and even a cookbook I had been working on for years was cluttering it up.

Half of the items were simply no longer needed; delete, delete, delete! Why did I have multiple copies of multiple edits? Some of the items needed to be moved to different folders in different places. The sheet music needed to be printed to actually play it.

The remaining items were exactly where they needed to be. I love using iBooks for editing my writing. Writing in one program and then moving it to iBooks with the ability to “handwrite” my edits feels right to me. Both the writing and editing process can be done offline when I’m riding the train.

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