Digital Declutter Challenge – Day 7

Digital Declutter Challenge – Day 7: Edit your Workout Apps!

It’s going to be a long several weeks of social distancing and I have spent way more time on the couch inhaling all the wrong foods.

This new lifestyle suddenly needs a new workout routine to keep healthy through to the other side.

Check out the workout apps you have. Which one is your favorite? Are you using it regularly?

What about the other one? Did you try it and decide it wasn’t right? Delete it.

Are you paying for one and aren’t using it? Cancel the service!

Now is a great time to check out what’s available in Workout Apps. So many companies are now offering free options to help make our time in Corvid-19 isolation more manageable. has 5 different styles of workout apps for free until April 1. A variety of workouts from Yoga to High Intensity to Barre workouts depending upon your level of fitness and need.

Check your favorite socials to find out which options are having special free options, but be sure to write the cancel date in your calendar! If you decide you don’t like it, cancel before you are charged for it.

If you find one you love, it will be worth the effort!