Photo February Decluttering in 8 Steps

Beach in Nice, France

In the dark of February, deep inside the doldrums of Seasonal Affective Disorder, Photo February is here to remind you of brighter days to cheer you up! Through your 1000s of digital photographs from wonderful vacations and parties with family and friends, here is the checklist you need to help you organize them. Smile and laugh again at the memories your images invoke!

8-Step Photo Decluttering Checklist:

Beach in Nice, France
Reminiscing about my vacation to Nice, France. The beautiful Mediterranean Sea, the museums,
and the delicious food.

1. Choose a single collection of your photographs from a bright gathering with friends and family. Or choose a warm, sunny vacation that will bring back warm, sunny memories.

2. Separate the chosen event from your other photos by placing it into its own album or file.

Another tourist taking a photo in a palace in Seoul, South Korea
Another tourist taking a photograph at a palace in Seoul, South Korea.

3. Ask others in the photographs to join you in your image decluttering of this event so you can do this at the same time with their collection from the event, safely online. Swap memories, funny stories, and photos to create a complete album of the event or family member.

4. Many fun events can have over 100 photos, so break the event down even more by day, activity, or people in the photographs.

Dream Plan Do by The Design Trust diary planner is central to creative business accountability partners.
Having tea with friends at a lovely cafe, planning our creative business actions
using the Dream Plan Do diary planner by The Design Trust.

5. Delete any duplicates.

6. Delete poor quality images.

7. Consider your end project: Do you simply need them to be organized in the cloud or on a USB? Or is this to celebrate an upcoming birthday or wedding anniversary and putting them together in a photo book would be a good gift?

Two ladies sitting on a park bench enjoying the gorgeous view of the Mediterranean Sea in Venice, Italy.
Connecting with those who mean the most to us on our travels to Venice, Italy.

8. Curate the collection that best represents this photo collection into a tightly organized gallery showing. Including editing the photographs as necessary for its end purpose.

Pro-tip: Be sure to take a lot of break to rest your eyes from extended computer use. Set a time for 20 minutes to remind yourself to take that break.

Decluttering is more than simply deleting digital assets, it includes editing and organizing the ones you want to keep. Be realistic in your decluttering time frames. 10,000 photographs to declutter in February is 357 images per day! Possible, but that would give your poor eyes a lot to complain about for 28 days straight. 

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