Photo February Decluttering – Monthly Maintenance

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PRO-Tip: Schedule Your Monthly Maintenance Habit!

Near the end of each month have a set day & time to declutter that month’s photographs and images. Such as the last Tuesday of each month and WRITE it into your schedule. Even if you are too busy or too overwhelmed to tackle the massive pile of digital photographs you already have. By choosing a smaller, specified group of images and a specified time to work on them you will stop the backlog from accumulating.

You may choose to simply archive all the photographs you already have and never organize them perfectly but you’ll be making positive changes from this point moving forward. Go one step further by setting it up in your digital calendar which allows you to set up a reminder to ensure you don’t forget.

Don’t forget that the 8 – Steps from Week 1 applies to each of your folders/albums of photographs.

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Coming up next month, March 2021: Spring Cleaning – Re-home the digital dust bunnies that have been hibernating for the winter and attend the online Digital Declutter: The BIG Checklist Book Signing Party!

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