2020 New Year’s Digital Decluttering Challenge

2019 was a year of clearing out the digital dust bunnies and electronic cobwebs. Decades of digital clutter made this an arduous task. Great successes and inroads were made, but the shear amount of screen time it takes gave me a headache some days.

Limiting my overall screen time by using a timer has helped a lot and also being much more mindful of what digital data I do decide to keep has slowed most of the accumulation.

I have made great progress such as; emptying my Downloads Folder along with deleting/organizing 1000s of photos and GBs of videos.

My Starting Line Stats for 2019 showed I had a total of 4,390. A lot, but still manageable. I am now, after all of that deleting and organizing, sitting at a total of 7,662 photographs. Oops! Not the numbers I was going for but here we are. The realities of my digital life.

Travels, digital documentation, and a screen shot note-taking style have contributed to this growing monster. Happily, I have a huge amount of photos for my art adventure blog series and will be organizing and deleting the photos down as I write each digital magazine article.

Follow me as I continue to show through my own challenges, exactly what it takes to lead a digitally decluttered life. How much time? Any special equipment or programs? Do I use lists? And where is my accountability? Hmmm…I am considering working with an Excel/Numbers program to show my progress using a line graph.

Creating my Big Digital Declutter Checklist has also been a big help. It helps me prioritize my tasks, shows my progress, and just how much more there really is hiding out in corners and behind poorly titled files. So much space has been saved, and putting items in more logical places is making it so much easier for me to access it, quickly.

  • This year I will complete my own digital declutter journey.
  • This year I will continue to set good habits to complete this journey.
  • I will be releasing my Big Digital Declutter Checklist, starting with a free taste of Month One with the option for more months after much feedback.
  • April 1st is an auspicious day in which to start a business in Japan, where I live, so mark your calendars for the release of the complete checklist.

Today’s Tip: A photographer friend of mine has again run into the problem of yet another cloud storage option, Flickr, reducing the amount of free data space available. Always be watching for trends in data storage solutions! Be prepared for the energy it takes to be chasing free options. Free isn’t always the best.

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Good Luck to everyone on their way to a digitally decluttered life!