Best Ways to Clean Your Computers

Cold and flu season is here with a vengeance. Time to take extra steps to reduce the spread of germs by cleaning items you touch frequently; your computer, laptop, and smartphones.

Anything we touch both picks up and deposits germs of varying kinds. According to this article in WebMD regarding the efficacy of various methods of cleaning:

” ‘All disinfectants, as well as the sterile water control, were effective at removing or inactivating more than 95% of the test bacteria,’ the researchers write. The three commercially packaged wipes were all effective for 48 hours, but the paper towels moistened with alcohol or sterile water didn’t show long-term effectiveness, the researchers report.”

Good, consistent cleaning practices are very important. Take the following steps to help prevent you and your family from spreading colds, flus, and other illnesses:

  1. Everyone needs to wash their hands with soap. Often. This is the best defense against germs.
  2. Use disinfecting wipes, they have the longest efficacy of up to 48 hours according to the article cited earlier. Using rubbing alcohol or chlorine bleach in a paper towels is also effective, just not as long as the disinfecting wipes.
  3. Don’t touch your face! It seems an easy thing to not do. But it is such a natural action to do so.
  4. Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer next to your computer.

Our first thought is to just clean the keyboard, but we do need to clean every part of our devices that we touch.

  • The cover of our laptop as we open and close it along with carrying it around,
  • All the power cords,
  • The USB plug adaptor we use to power the devices,
  • Screens on our tablets,
  • Digital Pencils
  • Clean your smartphone!

Your smartphone is likely covered with the most germs. You take it everywhere, set it down most anywhere, and let others hold it so they may also enjoy that funny cat video! Clean your smartphone at the same time you clean your other devices to reduce cross-contamination.

It is very common for me to see people using face masks for various reasons. I have also seen them pull down their mask, rub their nose, and then replace the mask. All done completely unconsciously. It’s a natural reaction to an itch. Take care of yourself, your family, and your devices <3