Digital Decluttering Challenge – Day 2

Everyday we are flooded with emails to the point we are drowning! 
Take 5-min today to set up at least (1) filter on your emails.

My favorite change was to my Gmail mobile app. I do most of my digital decluttering while on the train, sometimes while standing and being able to complete actions one-handed such as, ‘swipe to delete’ is a huge time saver.
For some reason it was originally set up to have both the right and left swipe actions move your email to the “Archive.” That’s not something I have ever used so a few completely random emails are sitting in an Archive Folder that I have never opened.

Another way to do this, again in Gmail, is to enable any of the 5 Tabs available.For the longest time I left them all to enter my life in my Primary Tab. It became my To-Do list vs me choosing what was the priority. Like fighting the fires, and greasing the squeaky wheels, I was too reactionary with my life instead of using my time more wisely and being proactive.
Selecting to use the tabs labeled as; Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums, helps you decide the priority your various emails will take in your life.