Digital Decluttering Challenge – Day 3

Overwhelming numbers of photos are just…overwhelming. They are exhausting to even think about. But do NOT be intimidated. Big projects are tackled in small bites:

Day 3: Create (1) small folder of photos to declutter.

  • Choose a short, specific event with lovely, fun memories such as, a family reunion or a quiet hike.
  • Create a separate Album/Folder where you will edit this more manageable quantity of photographs.
  • Once you start the separating out, you are welcome to create more smaller Albums/Folders. Save the decluttering & editing for Day 4 & 5 :)

Did you miss the first couple days of the mini Digital Declutter Challenge? That’s ok, take a look at Day 1 – Finding Control in the Chaos and Day 2 – Digital Decluttering Challenge and then come back to complete Day 3. You can also follow me on Twitter @CEOdeclutter or Instagram @DigitalDeclutterCEO.