Digital Decluttering Challenge – Day 1

When my life becomes upended and chaos reigns, it makes me feel better to organize what little I can. Sometimes that simply means I organize my socks in the drawer. All 12 pairs of them.
Or that one catch-all drawer of miscellaneous items in the kitchen. It feels good to know I have control of something in my life. I’m going to be ok. And you’ll get through this, too.

From my perspective here in Japan I have been self-isolating as much as possible since the end of February, watching helplessly as I see the virus move around the world. So many others are starting to work from home or have suddenly found themselves without work and are feeling helpless. It’s going to be ok. After a good rest, it’s time to find the bits of your life you can still control.

I have put together a mini 2-week digital decluttering plan to help you find some semblance of control in your life again.


Starting is the hardest part of any task. But once you start, your momentum will carry you through to clearing out 15 or 20 more items.

Challenge yourself with how many folders can you move off your desktop today. How will you reward yourself once you’ve emptied your desktop? I recommend a new wallpaper! You could choose a new image from the manufacturer’s provided options. Or you could choose a photo from your last beach vacation. 

You are not alone in your newfound housebound situation and if you can spare even a few dollars, do a search for an artist who provides beautiful wallpapers for your computer. Your support will be so appreciated!


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